Zoladz training

unfortunately there is a lot of rubish on the internet concerning training and the use of pulsation.

to me only one method is usefull, the zoladz method.

Please find the zones and a brief explanation:

  • Zone 5 (Z5)= HFmax-10 Heavy
  • Zone 4 (Z4)= HFmax-20 10 K pace
  • Zone 3 (Z3)= HFmax-30 pace to last one hour
  • Zone 2 (Z2)= HFmax-40 no conversation but still quite easy
  • Zone 1 (Z1)= HFmax-50 you can talk easily

the use of these zones will help you become faster at a low pulsation rate. 

if you want to find out more about training, its effects and tips, please click on the training page.



thank you for this comment, john

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