NIKE please build a sockliner again

one of my most superb running shoes was a shoe called air huarache from NIKE. the shoe had everything a long distance runner such as I needed. Confort, stable enough, not to heavy, easy around the foot and enough cushioning. Purhaps a little bit to soft at the end but never the less brilliant. a reference shoe for a sockliner.

why did they stop developing it further? marketing I presume. They weren’t fashionable enough. The same story as with the air pegasus both wider shoes with sturdy heel.

guys stop messing around with good running shoes. make others for girls, women, etc. but stick to a shoe type for a change.

as a foot reflexologist I can only point out that  the wider a shoe is the more relaxing an athlete will feel, the more relaxing he feels, the better his recuperation will be and the longer an effort will last.

thank you for this comment, john

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