The shoes I use

I have the habit running with different type of shoes. All for the purpose of giving advice to my customers. An overview you find on this page. This is not an extremely technical resume , it is a brief description on how I feel the shoes when running and how they contribute to an optimal running form. Any remarks? please don’t hesitate

Unknown-1Newton Motion LV Green

This shoe is one of my favorites. I use it to do my mileage work and it gives me comfort all the way. As I’m not a forefoot runner from birth, I have to mind my steps and focus on my most natural and relax running gate possible. Within the collection of Newton this is a POP 1 running shoe which means that this shoes helps you ‘jumping’ forward to the maximum with the forefoot pump system. In the beginning a little bit tricky as I was not at all used to run with a shoe like this but as I gained more flexibility and learned how to run in a relax way, my stride optimized, my times got better and my overall feeling what ‘AHA’.

February 2016

Schermafbeelding 2016-02-24 om 12.20.07.png

New, brand new, Gravity. An complete different shoe from the previous ones. Mesh upper is comfortable and as flexible as possible for a shoe that suits perfectly for running long distances. The cushioning and heeldrop seem to integrate perfectly with a natural running gate. As I’m not a natural runner instinctively but I’ve adapted during time due to a number of injuries, it is always a guess whether I can run with a shoe that is completely flexible. Last year (2015) I both tried the gravity and fate shoes from Newton and it wasn’t a success. This year however, I’ve a completely different feeling. They fit perfectly, optimize my running gate ( especially the lifting) and are glueing to my feet. Thank you Newton.





thank you for this comment, john

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